Community Board 2 (CB2) will hold its Health, Environment and Social Services (HESS) meeting next Wednesday at 6:00 pm.

All committee meetings of Community Board 2 begin with the approval of the agenda and introduction of the committee officers. The meetings include the approval of the previous month’s meeting minutes, a chairperson’s report, other business, and a community forum during which the public may speak.

Economic Development Meeting is Cancelled

The CB2 economic development committee meeting, generally held on the first Tuesday of each month, September-June, is cancelled for September 2019.

Health, Environment and Social Services

6:00 pm, Wednesday, September 4, 2019; The Brooklyn Hospital Center, First Floor Dining Room A, 121 DeKalb Avenue at St. Felix Street..


Charles Bayrer, co-founder and vice-president of Earth Matter, along with executive director Marisa Dedominicis will present to the committee and guests. Earth Matter is a non-profit organization whose goal it is to reduce the organic waste misdirected into the garbage stream by encouraging neighbor participation and leadership in composting.


The committee will also review the following liquor license applications.
Read the “Community Board Q & A” on the SLA website (PDF).

Liquor License Applications

New: Restaurant/Tavern Wine
• 343A Myrtle Avenue Spacio
• 57 Front Street Em Vietnamese

Renewal: Restaurant/Tavern Wine
• 40 Main Street Miso Fusion

Renewal: Full On-Premise
• 1 DeKalb Avenue Han Dynasty
• 895 Fulton Street Chance II
• 745 Fulton Street Brooklyn Moon

After the licenses, the committee will do a final review of its portions of the district needs statement for Fiscal Year 2021.

Weekly Look-Ahead

The first general meeting of the 2019-2020 year will be held at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, September 11, at a location to be determined. A meeting notice will follow in approximately one week.