If you are HUNGRY and can’t afford to purchase groceries, NYC will feed you. Just Text FOOD to 726879 to pick up a bag of groceries at a pantry within walking distance of your house, no questions asked.

It takes 2 minutes. Once you go through the simple chatbot text prompts, REPLY 1 to Make a Reservation (**disregard the instructions to download Plentiful app**)

The app is in 9 languages and includes 170 pantries across all 5 boroughs.


Thanks to #CityHarvest for making this service available.

If someone wants to donate $ or their dev skills to make this process even better, I’m happy to connect you directly with City Harvest.

#Covid19Challenge #FOOD #NOPERSONHUNGRY #Humanity #plentiful

Forwarded post from Samantha Katz on “Next Door” App