You’re Not Washing Enough

If you’re only washing your hands after using a public restroom, you’re simply not doing it enough to keep nasty germs at bay. You should wash your hands anytime you feel they’re dirty or have been exposed to germs.

The Rx: There are specific times when you should wash your hands to prevent the potential spread of germs or illness. The CDC recommends washing your hands at these key times:

Before and after caring for someone who’s sick.

Before, during, and after preparing or eating food.

Before and after treating a wound.

After changing a diaper or assisting a child in using the toilet.

After coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose.

After touching an animal, animal waste, or animal feed.

Every time you come in from outside.
After touching garbage.
If you thoroughly wash your hands under these circumstances, you can more effectively get rid of the microbes and germs that can spread illness.