PRATT creates PPE for health care workers

Society For Clinton Hill (SCH) DONATIONS:
SCH donated to: Brooklyn Neighbors 

GO FUND ME FOR NEIGHBORS IN NEED. Help us get the basics like food and infant supplies and buy protective gear required by NYS for volunteers and seniors and people with compromised health. Pitch ($$) in and pass on the word.

One Community thru Brooklyn Neighbors is working with many partners to help meet the basic needs of our vulnerable neighbors while they are in quarantine.  Initially funds are being used to assure that senior citizens,  people with compromised health, people who have lost their incomes or benefits (freelancers and undocumented people) and people who are Covid-19 positive are safe and have food. Our small fund goes a very long way — we buy tables, handcarts, bags, tape, paper, toner, masks and gloves so that dozens of volunteers can deliver groceries to hundreds of our vulnerable neighbors every week.
We are working with The Campaign against Hunger, ReThink, Teen Challenge,  Recovery House of Worship, the Sylvia Rivera Pantry and other food donors, tenant association officers and other tenant leaders in public housing, volunteers from Clinton Hill/Fort Greene Mutual Aid, Council Majority Leader Laurie Cumbo and her staff and the Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn Partnership to obtain and help deliver what is needed.  The Brooklyn Navy Yard provided our central distribution hub.   We have been invited to attend the mayor’s working group on food security during the coronavirus crisis and are seen as a unique example of community-based food distribution.
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SCH donated to Romans Staff Fund-Raiser
(Marlow Collective Staff Fund-raiser)
SCH donated to: Myrtle Avenue Partnership Pantry at:
SCH purchased lunch for NYPD 88 PCT (Classon Ave.) & 
FDNY Engine 210 (Carlton Ave.) (food purchased from Mekelburg’s)