Dear District 35,
Right now, New Yorkers are at a pivotal moment in our battle against the deadly COVID-19 virus. As you may know, there are several neighborhoods throughout our borough, and our city that are currently combatting an uptick in cases. Despite the feelings of anxiety that this news may understandably create, rest assured that our state and local governments are working tirelessly to ensure the safety, and health of our fellow New Yorkers.
This week, Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio unveiled their plan to identify hot spot locations and take necessary action to stop community spread. As of right now, there are outbreaks in 20 ZIP codes across New York State in Brooklyn, Queens, and Rockland and Orange Counties. The average rate of positive tests in these 20 zip codes as of this evening is 5.8 percent. Areas in hot spot communities will continue to be the subject of focused testing efforts including access to rapid testing machines.
Today, the Mayor unveiled the ‘Find Your Zone’ map. This map allows New Yorkers to enter their address and find what zone they live, work, shop, and go to school in. You can click here to be redirected to the ‘Find Your Zone’ map.
As of today, there are currently NO neighborhoods in District 35 that have been designated as Red, Orange, or Yellow zones. However, Crown Heights East, Bedford-Stuyvesant West, Clinton Hill, and Fort Greene have been placed on a watchlist by the Mayor’s office. The positivity rate in the 11205 zip code (Bed-Stuy West, Clinton Hill, Fort Greene) is currently 1.92%, while the positivity rate in Crown Heights East is 2.41%. While positivity rates have been on the rise, we are not yet considered to be a part of the outbreak.
I know that we are all having a difficult time adjusting to our new routines and way of life and that this news has been unsettling for many. However, Team Cumbo will continue to update our constituents, distribute masks and hand sanitizer in the neighborhood, and do everything we can to provide you with peace of mind.
In the meantime, I urge everyone to stay home as much as possible. When going out, please be sure to wear your mask, bring hand sanitizer with you and wash your hands upon returning. As with all of the adversity we have faced, we will get through this together!
You Are on My Mind,
Laurie A. Cumbo
Majority Leader, New York City Council
Hispanic Heritage Month
Hispanic Heritage Month is an annual celebration of the history
and culture of the U.S. Latinx and Hispanic communities.
The event spans from September 15 to October 15, and commemorates how those communities have influenced and contributed to American society at large.⁣⁣
Hispanic Heritage Month began as a commemorative week when
first introduced by California Congressman George E. Brown in
June of 1968. The push to recognize the contributions of the Latinx community had gained momentum throughout the 1960s when
the #CivilRights movement was at its peak and there was a growing awareness of the United States’ #multicultural identities. ⁣⁣
This year, we reflect on how Hispanic Americans have served our Nation. #Swipe👉 to learn more about Felicita Mendez, Puerto Rican civil rights pioneer and businesswoman. Check our page to learn more about Hispanic Americans throughout this month! ⁣⁣
COVID-19 Hot Spots/ Zone Information
 This week, Governor Cuomo released a “Cluster Map” for the 5 Boroughs. ⁣
Included in this cluster map are red, orange, and yellow zones.
Browse through these photos to learn about what these cluster zones mean. ⁣
Clusters included on the map are considered “Tier 1” Hotspot Zones, or those in close proximity to hot spots. These zones include neighborhoods that have experienced a positivity rate above 3% for at least 7 consecutive days. There are 9 zip codes included in Tier 1; 11204, 11210, 11223, 11230, 11219, 11229, 11367, 11415, 11691. ⁣
There are NO #District35 neighborhoods included in the Tier 1 Hotspot Zones. However, there are multiple neighborhoods included in the Tier 2 Zone. Tier 2 zones are designated neighborhoods who have increasing positivity rates, but they have not exceeded 3% for 7 consecutive days or more. ⁣
Currently, Crown Heights East (11213), Bedford-Stuyvesant West/ Clinton Hill/ Fort Greene (11205) are on the Tier 2 watchlist, and are being monitored closely. We are consistently providing #PPE, hand sanitizer and food to our neighbors in NYCHA residences. ⁣
If you live, worship, or work in #District35, we are encouraging everyone to go out and #GetTested! Testing is FREE, and testing centers are conveniently located throughout the District. ⁣
Remember when leaving the house, that you bring hand sanitizer, masks, and gloves. Please do your best to maintain proper #SocialDistancing when possible. ⁣
Parents with school-aged children: please continue to have these important conversations with our young ones. We must exaggerate the importance of staying safe in order to #StopTheSpread. ⁣
We will get through this together!
Mayor Bill de Blasio today launched a ‘Find Your Zone’ map. The map, created by DoITT, NYCEM and DOHMH to make the State zone maps searchable, allows New Yorkers to enter their address and find what zone they live, work, shop, and go to school in.
Click here to view the ‘Find Your Zone’ map.
Mental Health Illness Awareness Week
Important message from @realdepressionproject: ⁣
💚 Let’s raise awareness of #MentalIllnessAwarenessWeek⁣
💚 Often mental illnesses are misunderstood, minimised to a single symptom, or dismissed entirely⁣.
💚Let’s use this week to raise awareness that mental illnesses are REAL illnesses⁣.
What else do we need to raise awareness of / understand about mental illnesses this week?
💫Follow @realdepressionproject for more – we will be posting more content around mental illness this week!
As we continue to grapple with the unbearable disruptions that have been inflicted upon New Yorkers as a result of COVID-19, it is imperative that we keep our children at the forefront of our minds. ⁣
I am proud to announce that as of this week, Construction has been slated to resume at PS9. This could not have been possible without the advocacy of our dedicated parents, coupled with the hard-work of #TeamCumbo’s Constituent Services team who worked tirelessly with the @NYCMayor’s office to ensure that our children have a safe, and hospitable learning environment. ⁣
The Construction Timeline is as follows: ⁣
✅ Work will he scheduled to resume this weekend; Saturday,
Sunday & Monday. ⁣
✅Work will take place after 3PM Monday-Friday & selected weekends
for expedition. ⁣
✅The contractor will provide a detailed schedule to all parties based
on these guidelines.⁣
Arts & Culture From the Couch
Introducing the African Diaspora Map
Introducing The African Diaspora Map, a new interactive section and visual tool of MoCADA Digital, grounded by the perspectives and experiences of people of African descent globally. When you navigate across the map, you can explore different countries within the diaspora. Choose a filter to get more insight into the historical, political, and or artistic landscapes that give greater context to the stories of us.⁠
In in the first phase of the African Diaspora Map, we are focusing on election dates, summaries of the political climate, and providing supportive links to find further information on forthcoming elections by country. ⁠
New filters will be added continuously to the experience. More countries will be added to reflect the full diaspora. Artists will be added to reflect our creative prowess globally. Like the community of the African Diaspora, this map will continue to grow and evolve. ⁠
Explore MoCADA’s African Diaspora Map now at
Food Distribution
Visit for more information.
2020 Census: Everyone Counts
Completed the 2020 #Census yet? ⁣⁣
⁣⁣The 2020 Census counts everyone in America. And the census informs where hundreds of billions in funding will go each year for things like education, healthcare and programs that touch us all.
OR call 1-844-330-2020 to get started!
Update from the Mayor
Mayor de Blasio Holds Media Availability
“We have come so far in the course of these last months, we’re dealing with a real challenge now in some parts of our city, and it’s going to take hard work to overcome it. And there’s a lot of questions that need answers and a lot we have to work through, but I do know for sure New Yorkers have the strength and the wherewithal to overcome this challenge.”
Today, Mayor de Blasio released the COVID-19 Cluster Zone Map and discussed we are working to combat the upticks across NYC.
Watch the 10/8 update now!
Update from the Governor
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that 145,811 COVID-19 diagnostic test results were reported to New York State yesterday—a new record high. In the top 20 ZIP codes in areas that have seen recent outbreaks – Brooklyn, Queens, and Rockland and Orange Counties – 7,349 tests were conducted, yielding 426 positives or a 5.8 percent positivity rate. In the remainder of the state, 138,462 tests were conducted yielding 1,410 positives or a 1.01 percent positivity rate.